Reverting To Chrome’s Old New Tab Functionality

I am not a huge fan of Google’s new, new tab page. While it might be easier or quicker to search for people who are new Google’s browser, it started becoming a pain for somebody who is used to using many chrome apps and used to searching straight from the address bar. Doing so is quite quick and painless, just involving tweaking a single setting in Chrome. See below for the full steps.


  1. Type, or copy and paste, into the address bar : chrome://flags/#enable-instant-extended-api
  2.  Select Disabled under Enable Instant Extended API
  3. Hit the button that appears at the bottom of the page “Relaunch now”
  4. Hit ctrl + t and enjoy your old new tab functionality back.


*Update 2/28/2014*

**Looks the ability to disable the “Apps” functionality was removed 2/20/2014.   Will let you guys know if I find a new way around!


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