Use AutoHotKey To Google Inside Any Application

So I started getting back into autohotkey to increase productivity with some office tasks, and I thought of a useful script to keep Google a second away in any application. I had seen a few scripts out there to bring up Google, but I wanted to take a step further and allow you to highlight a word, then Google that without having to then copy and paste it again.

First things first, go to and download autohotkey. Then decide where you want to store your scripts, right click, mouse over new, then select AutoHotkey Script. Then change the name to whatever you would like, then copy and paste the following code after the pre-inserted text.

#g:: ;Google something
clipboard = ; Empty the clipboard
Send ^c ;Copy the current text that is highlighted
ClipWait ;Wait to make sure we have text in the clipboard
Run ;Google clipboard

Now save and double click the script. This will load it up, and allow you to Google a highlighted word using Win + G. Note : If you hit Win + G with nothing highlighted, it will wait until the clipboard has contents, then google.

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2 thoughts on “Use AutoHotKey To Google Inside Any Application

  1. Tried this along with other methods as this is SUPER useful,I’m always copying and pasting in browsers. Problems:

    every Send ^c isn’t copying to the clipboard
    ClipWait is not recognised
    (Version v1.1.13.00)

    tried SendPlay, SendInput.. investigating.

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