Creating a Custom Microsoft Management Console

There have been a few times I’ve needed to access the event viewer, local users, etc… on a server and the options are not easy to find (Windows Server 2003), but this will work for almost all Windows Operating Systems. What’s cool about MMC, you can set up on your local machine and point Snap-ins to other machines (servers, etc…)


Go to Run (or start) and type mmc

Go to File  -> Add/Remove Snap-in…


Hit Add to bring up a list of snap-in components


Select the Snap-in, or Folder for organization, and click add


For select components, select either local computer (if you are adding on say, a server) or add the server name if you are adding from local machine to monitor a server


Hit File -> Save As and save to the desired location. There you have it, a custom MMC console!

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