Simple tool to either return the domain name from a given IP or vice versa, or ping a given IP or domain. This quick project was spawned from me being tired of using convoluted tools, and not wanting to open up the command prompt and type all the commands out. Really simple and small, but has been extremely useful so far. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me!

Download FindIP



A very simple application which will take data that is formatted using some common or custom delimiters (even \r\n), and output the data in a format which allows you to copy and paste write after a IN condition.

Features :

  • Quickly build a SQL IN condition from a delimited list.
  • Use either built in or a custom delimiter.
  • Option to add quotes
  • Option to remove duplicates from the output
  • Double click on the output to automatically copy to your clipboard

Visit the GitHub page or download the latest release!


Being an avid user of Chrome, always looking up either documentation and programming help, and a great suggestion from a friend, I created the Chrome Extension, CodeSearch. CodeSearch will create a search string from your keywords and use a selection of some of the biggest programming sites to get you accurate programming help instead of being misdirected by ads and such.

Download CodeSearch Chrome Plug In

Access Site here if not using Chrome


MondoTextI was in need of a tool to quickly format text for SQL and other various development applications, so I decided to write something light weight and to the point. MondoText, named for large text editing, can remove duplicates, change case, add output delimiters, and even add text qualifiers. Some of the features listed below :

  • Remove Duplicates
  • Remove Blank Lines, text
  • Replace single quotes with double quotes
  • Escapes quotes and tick marks
  • Encode/decode html markup
  • Lower / Upper case
  • Add quotes or ticks to text
  • Add delimiters to output
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • Comma
    • Pipe
  • Find & Replace

Visit the GitHub page or download the latest release!

Easy File Merge

Ever need to merge a bunch of plain text files into one file? When looking at logs which generate on a daily basis, I do this quite often to make them easier to read, manage, and search. What Easy File Merge will do is take folder path as input, and attempt to merge all files in that directory. Feel free to download it here for free (exe)

Please feel free to donate if any of my applications or projects assisted you

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