Use Google Chrome To Audit Your Website

Ever need a quick way to audit your website to check for errors, but don’t want to start? There are plenty of options out there to do audit of your website. but I’m going to focus on an easy and quick option for you today.

Step 1: Download Google Chrome.

Step 2: Navigate to your website you would like to run the audit on.

Step 3: Hit CTRL + SHIFT + i. This will bring up the following window. Select the Audit tab.

Step 4: Run the audit. I suggest selecting the radio button which reads “Reload Page and Audit on Load” to ensure you audit everything. After this step  you will have a new entry under the results which will detail some items which need looking at or fixing on your website.

Again, I know this is simple and there are better tools out there, but for beginners, it’s a place to start. Feel free to share what applications or website you use to audit your website.

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