How To Pin a Batch File to the Taskbar

Create and run a batch file so frequently that you need it on the the Windows 7 Taskbar? Here’s a quick tutorial (Assuming you have the batch file created):

Step 1 : Create a shortcut of the batch file

Right click -> Create Shortcut

Step 2 : Change the Target Type

Change the target type to cmd.exe /C “Name and path to your batch file”. An example of what to enter :

cmd.exe /C "C:\TransferFiles.bat"

Step 3 : Pin to the Task bar

Right click the shortcut, then hit Pin to Taskbar

(Optional) Add a Custom Icon

Your batch shortcut will show up with the default command prompt icon since it is calling cmd.exe. I would suggest changing the icon to something a little more meaningful so you know what you are running.

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