A connection cannot be made to redirector

I started learning about SQL Server Analysis Services interacting with and using SQL Server Integration Services, and I ran into an issue getting connected to my local server’s Analysis Service. The full error message :

A Connection Cannot be made to redirector.Ensure that ‘SQL BROWSER’ Service is running. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

First things first though, make sure the service is running.

Start -> Component Services

Then look for the service.

If it’s not, let’s start it.

Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager

Look for the Sql Server Browser

Right click for the properties, and set the startup mode to manual

Some additional steps/solutions you may want to try

  • Try connecting to the instance using your IP, or localhost instead of a named instance.
  • Make sure there is not another computer on the network with the same name (Has happened with some VMs)
  • Check your firewall permissions
  • Repair your install

If all else fails, go to the MSDN’s Resolving Common Connectivity Issues in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Connectivity Scenarios. That is where I found a few of these solutions. Take note, read the Error conditions in blue. Those are the general errors with the fixes below.

Hope this helps, or is able to point you in the right direction!

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