Logitech G500 vs G700

I recently acquired both the G500 and the G700 during a Christmas mix up. Instead of taking one of them back, I tried both out and was going to take the one I didnt like as much to work to make use of the macros and hyper scrolling (Im a software developer). Both were excellent mice and it was a hard time deciding between the two.


Macros – Both mice contained additional buttons which can be assigned to macros, ‘s functions, etc which make life easier for the person who is either working in front of a PC all day, or playing his favorite mmorpg. To set these were relatively easy. All I did was download set point, restart, and I was already assigning keys.

Internal memory – Internal memory was also common in both. These allowed for the ability for me to save profiles and quickly change at a different PC. Both mice contain buttons which are default to change the profile, but are different on each mouse.

Hyper Scrolling – Both mice feature a button near the mouse wheel to lock or unlock to activate the hyper scrolling.


Wireless – An obvious difference, the G700 is wireless while the G500 is not. The G700 comes with a charging cord which is a little stiff to play with, but easy to get to. The G700 also comes with a nano USB receiver which doesnt take up much space at all. The G500 cord is a little stiff as well and has a cloth shield around the cord itself which helps for any abrasions.

Weights – The G500 since it does need a compartment to hold the battery(s), has a location to insert a weight cartridge which holds six of a combination of  4.5g or 1.7g weights. This allows for a great customization on how slow or quick you can move the mouse.

Light Display – Since the G700 uses batteries, it contains two different G buttons which allow you to check your current DPI setting, profile setting, or batter level. The G500 only will display the DPI level currently selected.


After trying both mice for about a week, I choose the G700 for my gaming and the G500 to send to work. This was based on a few things. First was the right clicking. I actually took back my first G500 because I thought there was something wrong with the right click. After opening the second package, I concluded it was the design. I had gotten used to it, but the G700’s click were much easier, which is night and day when playing quick action games. Second was the overall feel. The G500 felt fine, but seemed like I had to get used to it. When I put G700 into my hand, I instantly got used to its feel, which overall is what I wanted for my gaming. In conclusion, if you can spare the few bucks, get the G700. If not, I would definitely suggest the G500.

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  1. Thanks for your review! Short and to the point. I played Black Ops 2 last night with an earlier version of the G500 and it took a little time to get used to the shape of it. It felt like my pinky finger didn’t have anywhere to rest, but eventually I got used to it and I really loved the mouse. It was so much better than the Razer Naga that I am currently using. And I though I loved Razer, but now my new favorite are these Logitech mice!

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