DevLink Schedule For 2011

Wanted to give my schedule for DevLink for those interested so here it is:

  • Keynote
  • 10 Cool Ways to use the Silverlight Listbox
  • Expression Blend and the Visual State Manager : A Deep Dive
  • Functional C#
  • Architecting a Business Application for Windows Phone
  • Simplicity By Design – The Art of Patterns and Practices with .Net 4.0
  • Design For Developers
  • Connecting Windows Phone 7 and Azure with WCF
  • Integrating SharePoint 2011 and Visual Studio Lightswitch
  • Effective Data Visualization: The Ideas of Edward Tufte
  • C# Design Patterns
  • Data Binding in Expression Blend
  • Using StudioShell to Customize Visual Studio
  • Debugging Tips and Tricks with Visual Studio 2010
  • Keynote
Hope to see ya’ll there!

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