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Binding a Combobox to an Enum in C# and WPF using XAML and MVVM

I saw a lot of posts on how to bind an enum to a combobox using code behind and C#, but since I was using MVVM, I needed a different solution. I basically wanted to bind a list of the enums in a maintenance view model, and have the the xaml handle the binding of the item list. To help remember what I did and help whomever along the way with the same issue, I thought I would write about it.


Quick Formatting Tips in Visual Studio 2010

Unformatted C# code

Formatting code not only keeps OCD programmers like me sane being organized, it also helps with the readability of your code when ever you or somebody else views it for maintenance. However sometimes formatting the code quickly in Visual Studio 2010 is not exactly straight forward so I thought I'd give a few tips from what I learned so far, and will post more down the road when I see them.

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